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Compass International

Compass International Yacht and Ship Brokers was established 1986. We manage brokerage of yachts and commercial vessels in Europe, Asia and Americas.

We are proud to provide a discreet and professional brokerage service.

If you want to buy, sell or build a new vessel or plan a conversion we will be pleased to hear from you today.


Ex Coast Guard Vessel

Length:    70.9M
Year:         1975
Location: N/A
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2022

43 Meter Explorer

Length:    43M
Year:         1966
Location: Seychelles
Price:         $1.300.000 USD
Ref:            COMINT2023

Expedition Research

Length:    58M
Year:         1969
Location: Netherlands
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2024

Research Vessel

Length:    71.8M
Year:         1970
Location: Northern Europe
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2027

Blue Clipper

Length:    33M
Year:         1991
Location: Sailing
Price:        £870,000
Ref:            COMINT2030

Support Guard Vessel

Length:    36M
Year:         1978
Location: N/A
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2025


Length:    31M
Year:         1984
Location: Bilbao
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2028


Length:    33.86M
Year:         1963
Location: Finland
Price:        €700.000
Ref:            COMINT2026

34M Dutch Built Yacht

Length:    34M
Year:         2023
Location: Holland
Price:        N/A
Ref:            COMINT2031

Dutch Built Steel Schooner

Length:    38M
Year:         2010
Location: Nth Germany
Price:        SOLD
Ref:            COMINT2037

Sea Pearl

Length:    36M
Year:         1978
Location: Seychelles
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2029

U-Boat Navigator

Length:    24M
Year:         2008
Location: Malta
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2034

ROV Support DP2 Vessel

Length:    76M
Year:         1972
Location: NA
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2035

45M Global Explore Yacht

Length:    45M
Year:         2015
Location: Ensenada, Mexico
Price:        Call
Ref:            COMINT2032

50M Oceanographic Vessel 

Length:    50M
Year:         1985
Location: Belgium
Price:        SOLD
Ref:            COMINT2038

Ex Coast-guard Vessel

Length:    48M
Year:         1977
Location: Finland
Price:        €1,550.000
Ref:            COMINT2039

Ice Classed Passenger/Cargo Vessel 

Length:    48M
Year:         1980
Location: Canada
Price:        $1.200.000
Ref:            COMINT2040


During the past 30 years we have sold many different types of vessels, sailing and motor yachts, tugs, oceanographic vessels,
survey ships and other commercial vessels.
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